April 2021, 8th to 11th

Let’s design
new mobility solutions [IN]DOOR

inOut consists first and foremost of an [IN]door event that on 14 and 15 May 2020 at the Couvent des Jacobins Conference Centre, will bring together professionals from both France and around the world around the cross-cutting theme of mobility, which impacts all sectors of our society including the economy, the environment, employment, safety, and quality of life.

A junction between the digital technology and mobility sectors, inOut takes the best of these two worlds to become a testing ground for exploring new mobility solutions, a venue for decoding, for debating, and a place where ideas converge.

Major groups and startups, researchers and officials, public institutions and associations will all be brought together to discuss key issues related to the new mobility revolution including its impact on the environment, our habits and behaviour, the latest innovations along with economic models and regulations governing new modes of transport.

Stay connected, inOut 2020 programme will be available soon!

White paper

7 keys to decrypt mobility

In seven illustrated chapters, decode mobility today and that of tomorrow. Covering challenges that face the sector, changing technologies and practices, new economic models, potential, ideals and similar, this white paper is just like inOut; the event that explores new mobility solutions in depth, every year in Rennes.

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