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Smartmoov and inOut – Opportunities for Continuous Product Improvement

Stéphane Pau, CEO of the Rennes startup Smartmoov was the first entrepreneur to pitch his project during the very first edition of inOut in 2018. Since then, his company has continued to be part of the event and leverages its participation to develop its product.

A Rennes innovation story unique in the world

Smartmoov, whose solution is mainly aimed at driving schools, offers an automated video replay system for driving lessons. While certain driving schools had already realised the value of filming driving lessons so that students can go back over them and learn from their experiences, the time required to edit the videos generally discouraged the few driving schools involved from continuing to use the solution, despite there being a real pedagogical benefit for learner drivers. Smartmoov, therefore, came up with the idea of developing a recording system (dashcam) paired with a box directly connected to an on-board computer. The main innovative feature of this ‘black box’ video is its ability to detect different actions: braking, steering, indicating, manoeuvring, and so on. A video is then automatically created based on these points of interest. This can be used immediately to provide a debriefing after the previous hour’s lesson, cutting out the tedious task of selecting and editing images.

view of the dashcam

Exhibiting at inOut: visibility and user feedback

Taking part in inOut as an exhibitor enabled Smartmoov to make its innovation known to the general public during [OUT] as well as to professionals during [IN]. In respect of [OUT], certain feedback from visitors indicated to the team that there might also be a B2C market for its product, given the interest in accompanied driving shown by certain visitors. In Stéphane Pau’s opinion, “For a parent, it’s not always easy to point out to a youngster what he or she didn’t do right. A tool like this makes it possible to take another look at and be objective about any points of disagreement.” During [IN] event, Smartmoov’s presence was an excellent opportunity to get its product seen by professionals and to discuss issues affecting various sectors at the event. Insurers, for instance, had the opportunity to explain their particular needs to Smartmoov, this adding to its reasons for developing its solution along the lines of continuous improvement.

screenshot of the smartmoov app

Pointers for the future

The contact it has had with all stakeholders involved in the organisation of the event has given Smartmoov a few ideas. The images recorded by driving schools could, for instance, be exploited by local authorities. “They don’t necessarily have a very accurate mapping of their road signs or the presence of cycle paths in some areas, so footage from the thousands of kilometres covered during driving lessons could prove useful in this respect. Road traffic incidents also provide information on hazard spots,” explained Stéphane Pau. Road infrastructure manufacturers and managers have also expressed an interest in Smartmoov’s solution. When used in this context, passers-by who are visible in the images are blurred out, and the learner driver’s private details are anonymised. For the purposes of exchanging data between driving schools, companies, and local authorities, anonymisation is a central issue. As such, Stéphane Pau and his team are mindful of Rennes Métropole’s Data Protection Service project. Rennes Métropole and other players have been contacted in connection with an upcoming experiment. We will undoubtedly be coming back to this original initiative and the Rennes startup that is seizing every opportunity to adapt its solution to the needs of the general public and those operators who have expressed an interest in it!

Publié le 17 January 2020

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