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inOut x Village by CA: ‘Together for 2020’

The momentum for inOut 2020 has begun! On Tuesday 24 September 2019, the inOut 2020 launch and meeting day was held at The Village by CA (Crédit Agricole) Ille-et-Vilaine, in Saint-Jacques-de-la-Lande. This event was the opportunity to reactivate the inOut machine following two successful editions, acclaimed for the breadth and depth of topics covered.

How do we achieve this? Quite simply by engaging with people who are shaping the mobility of the future: experts, professionals, academics, and the community at large, many of whom were there with us on 24 September to collaborate on putting together the programme for inOut 2020, and collectively brainstorm a few working themes for this new edition.

What was therefore a very special day got off to a start with the introduction of discussions by Gaëlle Andro, first vice-president of Rennes Métropole in charge of economic development, em-ployment and finance. François Cormier, ‘mayor’ of The Village by CA and the day’s host, also deliv-ered a welcoming speech to our participants. And Chloé Jakubowicz, Digital Transformation Practice Director with our partner Niji Digital, was invited to provide an overview of the major trends in mo-bility according to inOut.

inOut 2020 – participatory workshops

This inspirational introduction was followed by participatory workshops aimed at thinking through the issues and topics to be covered in the next edition of inOut, which is set to take place from 14 to 17 May 2020. Among those participating in these workshops, were certain major urban mobility players such as SNCF Mobilités, Orange, Enedis, ENGIE, and iD4CAR.

In sub-groups, participants in the discussion and co-building session considered six topics to set the outlines and details for the focus of inOut 2020:

  • Data and mobility;
  • The mobility ecosystem – Facilitating innovation;
  • Mobility for everyone;
  • Mobility solutions in the city of the future;
  • Health and mobility;
  • Medium-sized towns: ‘overlooked’ by new mobility solutions.

Startups, major groups, representatives of local and regional authorities, academia and the com-munity at large all had the opportunity to contribute to the putting together of inOut 2020. Indeed, more than an event for professionals and the public, creating a collaborative platform for experi-mentation that encourages everyone to design and invent mobility of the future together has been the ethos behind the event since 2017.

Testimonials from participants

After a day full of discussions and ideas, we asked some participants to tell us frankly what they would take away from this first key event. The immediate positive feedback received already sug-gests that intensive, high-quality debates are set to be part of inOut 2020.

“In addition to technology, software development, and applications, we also need to get back to more pragmatic things, such as health, the environment, infrastructure, and suburban areas, which are closely linked to new mobility solutions. There is a balance to be struck here, but that to me seems part of the very idea of inOut.”

Christophe Millot, CEO GalianCycles

“We need to consider the aspect of what digital technology can deliver; in particular greater ease in large-scale travel demand management when town and city dwellers are ultimately looking to commute less (and more easily).”

Hélène Bailleul, lecturer in space and town planning at the Rennes 2 University

“What I’ll take away, above all, is the high level of involvement on the part of regional players from the construction sector through to the energy sector and including citizens. This event is really root-ed in this region and involves many sectors.”

Sebastian Ramos, regional delegate Bretagne ENGIE

Publié le 20 November 2019

Join the inOut experience

From 14 to 17 May 2020, meet us in Rennes to explore the new mobility solutions.

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