May 14 to 17 2020
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Best of [IN]

inOut's best moments

Best of [OUT]

A sound exploration of new mobilities (in french only)

inOut exploration

New will of Rennes Métropole, inOut is a unique initiative around new mobility. Experimentation platform, network of actors and professional event – the [IN] – and the general public – the [OUT], inOut brings together all those who wish to invent and explore the mobilities of tomorrow. After two editions in 2018 and 2019, which gathered over 1,500 participants at [IN] and 20,000 citizens at [OUT], the experience, inOut extends from 14 to 17 May 2020.

The future of mobility is still to be explored. And this exploration is happening now. In Rennes.


White paper 7 keys to decrypt mobility

In 7 illustrated chapters, decipher the mobilities of today and tomorrow. Challenges of the sector, evolution of technologies and uses, new economic models, prospective, utopias, etc. : this white paper is in the image of inOut, the event that explores in depth new mobility, each year in Rennes.


Come explore the experiments in progress

An event of Rennes Metropolis and its territory

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